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Eat More.  Exercise Less.  Rapid Weight Loss Guaranteed

  1. My Divorce Diet Plan works!!

  2. It isn’t a traditional diet.  It’s nature’s way of throwing you a bone when the rest of your world is shattered.

  3. The amount of food you eat is meant to be increased.

  4. The exercises, as described in this plan, are designed to be reduced over time.

  5. Final goal of the plan is to once again order the adult size portions of a restaurant menu and fully digest your loss.

  6. Upon completion of this plan, you will be loving, trusting, carefree and happy.

The Divorce Diet is a fool proof weight loss regime with a boasting 100% success rate. The secret to the diets guaranteed results is the involuntary initiation of the participants.  Extreme, bring you to your knees, my world has shattered, stress jolts your metabolism into overdrive burning fat cells for survival.

For those thinking they will use this plan to lose weight and a spouse, you can’t choose or plan to be on it.  And, as most of the success story participants will testify, if they had a choice, they would not be on it.

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